How to Make a Beautiful Girl Jealous

A Simple Technique to Attract the Girl That You Want

by Thomas

A few nights ago, my roommate and I were at a party. The ratio was nice and we were having a good time.

After comfortably approaching a few hotties, I took a different path to bliss. I consciously made it a point to approach a girl who many would probably consider the most unattractive at the party.

After landing the approach and establishing some silly good rapport, things really started to heat up. And I don't mean with her.

Girls Started Approaching Me

I began to notice that all of the attractive women were all of the sudden coming up to the girl and I, and were wanting to either talk to me or just see exactly what it was that we were talking about.

It was as if my talking to the unattractive girl made the hotties jealous and they just had to get the attention back on them.

This is some powerful stuff here.

There was one girl in particular who happens to be a hometown friend and about a 9.25 or so, who just couldn't help herself. Usually a bit indifferent towards me, she just couldn't resist coming up to me, introducing herself to my conversation friend, and then proceeding to put her little paws all over me.

She basically tried to take over the conversation about how she and I were long-time friends (like I actually cared). She really couldn't help herself. For the rest of the night, she kept finding reasons to touch and converse with me.

I really think this was all because she couldn't believe that I was "interested" in the not-so-attractive girl.

The Shallow Hal Technique

This situation reminds of the movie Shallow Hal.

After he begins dating girls that might not be dimes, the hottie neighbor all of the sudden becomes interested in him and insists on getting dinner to-go so she can go get tossed around the apartment for a bit.

Guys, think about this broad and complex situation and try it out for yourself.

In my opinion it should work well in nearly any social situation.

SoSuave Note: You should understand that a girl will only want you if she thinks other girls want you.

So if you desire a particular girl, you must make her think that lots of other girls desire YOU.

Do it subtly, of course.

But once you master this skill, rather than competing for a woman's attention, SHE will start competing for YOURS.