How to Project High Value To a Woman

Qualify Her to Pique Her Interest

by Stormrider

Your frame should be:

"Let me find out if this girl is interesting."

This is the frame of a high value guy with abundance.

Women are used to guys rewarding them for being pretty and nothing else. So their default state is to give you the window dressing.

That's why she appears uninteresting.

You reward her for window dressing, which causes her to view you as a low value guy with no standards.

Require More

A high value guy asks for more than window dressing.

I qualify a woman on her interests, hobbies, goals in life, things she likes to do for fun, etc.

It is only when she opens up to me and reveals what is unique about her that I show interest.

Her effort = my reward.

I do not suplicate. I only appreciate a woman that has depth to her.

And the more I appreciate her unique self, the more I bring it out of her. In a sense, I am almost molding her to be her best self around me.

And after she's completely opened up to me and made an effort to express her real self, that's when I reward her with...

"I just realized that not just are you sexy but you are also (insert unique quality). I really like that about you. Let's hang out sometime."

Become The Validator

This paints me as the validator.

I'm the source of validation, not her.

She was the one who qualified herself to ME.

This frame will probably skip over most peoples heads.

It doesn't matter if I am on text, in the night club, at the gym, social event, etc.

I prompt women to make an effort to open up her unique self to me and show me more than just window dressing before I show her any type of interest.

This makes her see me as a high value guy with standards and also makes her feel appreciated for being her, and not just another pretty face.

She feels comfortable showing me different shades of her. Something most guys don't see. This is what romance is. Being naked in front of another person. Metaphorically.

In short, my frame is she has to seduce ME with her feminine charms and interesting personality before I validate her and escalate things.

Now whether or not she is willing to submit to my frame is a whole different story.

I set the frame. If she doesn't submit, there is no romance.

SoSuave Note: If you want a woman to think you are high value...

Then you must require more from her than just a pretty face and a great body.

The more personality she has to show to impress you...

The more she will want to impress you.

If being "pretty" is all it takes...

Then you are low value... and she will not want you.