How to Talk About Yourself on a Date

Don't Make This Stupid Dating Mistake

by Purehaggle

Sometimes, when women ask to hear more about you, they want to hear things like:

  • "As a hobby, I dirtbike the white sands of the Sahara." Or,
  • "Helping the community makes me feel helpful."

These are good things to say. Remember, she wants to hear GOOD things about you.


  • "Sorry if you don't hear me talk much, I'm boring when it comes to conversations." Or,
  • "I hate it when I always...." Or,
  • "I suck at...."

Even if you don't mean these things, because you say it yourself, your date may take it seriously and have a decreased confidence in your potential as a man who is fascinating and interesting.

Don't make yourself sound like a klutz. Be confident and tactful when you answer questions that your date asks. And if you think something you are going to say is stupid, say something else.