How to Tell If a Girl Wants You to Approach Her

Zen and the Art of Flirting

by John

When going into the dating jungle you want to play the game you can win.

This is very simple. Only flirt with a girl who wants you. It's Zen and the art of flirting. Do this and you are 95% of the way home.

How can you tell?

Scope the room (whether it is a bar, club, etc.). Find a few selected targets. When one of them looks at you, looks away, looks back, she's up for it.

Do the advanced test and smile at her (a sort of sly, sexy, do-you-dare-to-tangle-with-me-baby? smile). If she smiles back, your missile has locked on and is within range — just press the button. Make the approach.

If you followed this first step correctly, the rest of the night will be a breeze.


For more info on reading a girl's body language see Body Language and Nonverbal Communication