How to Treat Your Girlfriend When Your Friends Are Around

Be Careful — You Are a Different Person Around Different People

by Davey

If you meet a woman that is worth keeping for awhile, you will eventually have to start bringing her for your somewhat daily or weekly activities. When your friends are over watching the football game, you might not realize it, but you act differently.

You are a different person around different people. You may not realize it, but she will.

When she picks up on little things, like a change in attitude or disposition, or big things like going from a romantic person to a crazy guy, things will happen. She might feel that you just put on a show when you are alone with her. She might not like the other you.

Try to incorporate at least a little of the person that she knows into the person that your friends know.

For example: if she finds you as a sweet guy, shoot frequent glances and smiles her way. As you walk by, brush her arm and hand with your hand. Wink at her.

Even the most subtle things like a smile and "accidentally" rubbing against her as you walk by, can and will help her disposition toward you.

If you are within earshot, comment to one of your friends about her and let her "overhear." Of course, this must be done in moderation and she can't know that you know that she is behind you.

Stare at her and playfully look away when she notices.

Most of these are things that she will pick up on, but your present company won't.