Immediately After Your Date With a Woman

She Will Be Blown Away

by Don

Here is a simple thing to do when on a first or second date with a woman that will tremendously increase the odds that you make the grade in her eyes and you go out with her again.

When you arrive home after the date, sit down with pen and paper and write down everything that your date has told you about herself. Include, especially, the little things, things that might seem on the surface trivial.

Why would it matter, you might ask, whether you remember her sister has four cats, not five? Because your remembering such a minor detail will be taken by her as evidence that you're a "good listener." No, make that great listener.

In truth, the more trivial the detail you remember, the more she will be amazed. Try casually noting that you remember her favorite brand of toothpaste is Crest and not Colgate, and she will think you remember everything she tells you!

But this won't come without effort. You will have to fill a half dozen or so notebook pages and spend probably a half hour of your time. And also it will have to come immediately after the date. Because if you wait until the following day, your recollection of the little things won't be near as sharp.

But these are minor prices to pay. For after all, you've already invested significant time and significant money in seeing her. Why not make sure it pays off?