Why You Should Learn to Play the Guitar

How to Make a Woman Melt

by Jack

Here's a little tip I learned by accident...

We all know how chicks love rock stars and such, even if they are ugly heroin addicts.

I have been playing guitar for a couple years and I'll say I'm pretty good at it. Whenever I have a girl in my room, she sees my guitar and goes,

"Oh! You know how to play guitar?! Can you play me something?"

Respond with something cocky and funny. I like to say,

"I don't play for free, just put a couple dollars down my shirt when I'm done."

She will definitely laugh at that one, which is when you pick up the guitar (be smooth about it, don't be nervous) and start playing a sweet song.

If you are good you will see her melt before your eyes. If you really want to see her melt, sing too. (I don't sing.)

And the good thing is, you don't even have to be any good at the guitar, just learn an easy song and she will THINK you're good.

After you're done, put down the guitar like what you did was no big deal, lean over, open your shirt so she can put money down it (being c/f of course), and she will be like PUTTY IN YOUR HANDS!

So all you guys out there, learn to play guitar!

I have listed a couple good songs that chicks love to hear you play.

  • Dave Matthews Band - Crash into me
  • Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye (this one is easy!)
  • Incubus - Steller (acoustic)
  • Sublime - (Lovin' is) what I got (this one is easy!)
  • Coldplay - Yellow
  • Coldplay - Trouble (this one is easy!)
  • Jack Johnson - Flake