Make Her Forget Every Other Guy She's Ever Known

The Key to Great Success With Women

by Allen Thompson

To really succeed with women...

You must BELIEVE that you are SPECIAL.

That you are, not just a great guy, but the best guy she's ever going to meet.

You must know — down deep in your soul — that if you could just get a block of her time (a date or two) that you could blow her away and make her forget every other guy she's ever known.

Beautiful women are everywhere.

Go to any mall, or nightclub, or office building, or just walk down a crowded sidewalk. Beautiful women are not that rare. You see them all the time.

But you are rare!

You're a Don Juan.

How many guys do you think are Don Juans? How many do you think are really good with women?

Well, my friend, it's very few. That I know for a fact.

If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say maybe 5 out of 100 guys are good with women, and maybe 5 out of 1000 are really good with women.

If you keep these numbers in mind, if you keep in mind that the number of drop dead gorgeous women far exceeds the number of Don Juans, you begin to realize:

"Hey, I'm the one who's special here. I'm the guy that all these women are looking for."

This must be YOU.

This must be how you think.

This gives you power.

This makes you attractive and interesting.

This is the mindset of a Don Juan.