Never Marry a Drama Queen

by Allen Thompson

It's quite natural for women to be more dramatic and emotional than men.

That's not a problem.

In fact, it is desirable. It is one of those inherent feminine traits that attracts men to women.

Her drama and emotion and excitability helps to add some "spice" to our sometimes boring lives.

What IS a problem is a woman who is OVER-DRAMATIC about everything.

She's constantly getting upset about one thing or another.

It might be you or something you did or said. Or it might be a co-worker, or a relative, or a girlfriend, or the waiter, or the world, or the news. The list goes on and on.

The fact is she is NOT HAPPY unless she is UNHAPPY about something.

If she is always yelling, or crying, or irritated, or depressed, or some other (usually negative) emotion, then she is a DRAMA QUEEN.

And she is BAD NEWS.

If you make the mistake of dating a girl like this (or worse, marrying one), she will constantly drag you into her stupid little dramas, even if you yourself have done nothing to set her off.

It takes a very strong man (mentally) to handle a drama queen.

And usually it's not worth the effort.

She may be beautiful, but there are a lot of beautiful women in the world.

If you can find one who rarely gets upset or over-emotional, who thinks somewhat logically, and just seems to cruise though life with a smile on her face...

You should wife her up immediately.

But never marry a drama queen!