Meet Women at the Club

An Almost Foolproof Technique

by Vassago

One of the best intros I've ever come up with is also one of the simplest.

Stand next to the girl you want to talk too, crack an evil smile, and start bumpin' your butt against hers! Sounds easy, and it is.

I've never done this without the girl cracking a HUGE smile and getting into the ass bumpin'. They love it! Of course, this is a club technique, so don't try it in the mall. But I've done it at parties and it works well.

The best application is on the dance floor... Slide up next to the girl and start bumpin' butts. Then after the 3rd or fourth hit slide behind her and start freakin'. Try it tonight!


Get Noticed By Women at the Party

Women Will Be Drawn to You

by George Anagnostopoulos

When you go to a party, take a female friend instead of a male. Beg if you have to.

Other women will notice you, and assume that the friend is your girlfriend. Hence, they will have their guards down when you make the first move... because after all "you're taken."

By the time they ask you, "what about your girlfriend?" you will have had plenty of time to charm them with your personality.

George Anagnostopoulos