Powerful Movie Role Models to Help You Succeed With Women

Emulate These Don Juans

by Starving Actor

Nothing can empower a man to take action like a powerful role model. If you can't find one in your real life, check out these movies and emulate these Don Juans...

First Knight

After Richard Gere saves Julia Ormond's life for the first time in the forest, he tries to put the moves on her. After she first slaps him, she then rejects his kiss. Needless to say, he persists throughout the movie and winds up getting the girl.


Eddie Murphy tries to lay a line on Robin Givens in front of an elevator. She bursts with laughter calling his attempt "pretty pathetic." But Eddie keeps his cool and keeps at it, and ends up nailing her halfway through the movie.

When Harry Met Sally

Before they became friends in the movie, Billy Crystal hits on Meg Ryan on two different occasions. She blasted him both times . . . HARD. The fact that they both wound up as the dreaded F word (friends) is irrelevant. What's important is the fact that when Meg shot down Billie's advances, he handled himself like a champ.

Follow the examples set by these guys, and for God's sake, no more whining!

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