A Professional Salesman's Advice on How to Get a Girl

Ask Her This Question on the First Date

by FJR

One of the techniques I learned as a professional salesman is the "Why did you buy from me?" question that drastically reduces cancellation rates and increases customer satisfaction.

The bottom line is after a deal is signed, right before you leave your new customer's office, you ask,

"I was wondering, considering all the competitors you looked at, why did you finally buy from me?"

The guy will then go on about how great you are, how much you impressed him, and how comfortable he is doing business with you.

Use the Same Technique When Dating

Since dating is really no different than selling (in dating the product you are selling is YOU), this same technique works very well.

During the first date, when you reach one of those uncomfortable silences that inevitably comes up at some point in the conversation, you simply look the girl in the eye and ask,

"I was wondering, what was it that made you say yes when I asked you out?"

She'll then go into how attractive you are, how sexy, how intelligent, successful, well dressed, impressive, etc.

She is answering all of her "why not" questions before she even gets to the point of asking herself, "Why not this guy?"

On a subconscious level she will feel more connected to you and feel like she really made the right decision by going out with you instead of some other guy.

I started using this on first dates and found that the rate of women not calling me back after the date has gone down significantly.

And that the second, third, etc. dates will move more quickly into touching, making out, and ultimately sex.

Try it - it works!