Read Her Body Language

Ask Her This One Simple Question

by REd-xL

This technique requires no more effort than asking one simple question: Are you ticklish?

All you need to do now is read her body language. If her body demonstrates open gestures, this is very good. Open gestures indicate playfulness, comfort, and trust.

If, on the other hand, her body language remains closed, it means she has yet to be open to you or is not interested. This is by no means failure but rather a test to see how you're stacking up against her.

Key points to remember:

  • Open gestures include: open palms, widened legs/feet, leaning forward, etc...
  • Closed gestures include: crossed arms, crossed legs, leaning back, etc...
  • Don't try this until you've built a modest amount of rapport (although some can pull it off as an opening line).
  • If her gestures are closed, don't give up; all it means is that a little more work is required until she can become comfortable with you.
  • Don't base everything solely on her body language; her facial expression is just as important.


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