Say These 5 Words to a Woman On the First Date

Her Perception of You Will Immediately Change For the Better

by D. Strindberg

Ever wonder why women are attracted to bad boys and not nice guys?

The answer lies in our evolutionary history.

Throughout what evolutionary psychologists call the Environment of Evolution Adaptedness (EEA), females had the most reproductive success with those males that could physically defend them.

Thus females came to prefer those males that were physically strong (meaning they could overcome an enemy physically) and those males that were socially strong (meaning they could overcome an enemy by marshalling the support of their allies).

Today the same tendency exists in women.

Women want a man who, if needed, can defend her.

But one very significant difference between then and now, however, is that then the male would almost certainly be forced to prove his physical strength, whereas today the probability is that the male will never be forced to physically defend the female.

What this means for us guys is that instead of showing our potential woman that we are tough by the way we fight, we show her that we are tough by the way we talk about the way we fight.

The bottom line for us is we must show strength.

A concrete way of doing this is by during your first date with your would-be lady, utter a certain five words.

These five words may not seem much to you, but they will trigger a sea change in your would-be lady with respect to her feelings for you.

The five words are, said sincerely:

"I'm not afraid of anything!"

Find a good occasion to say them.

I bring up the subject of movies, then turn it to horror movies and ask her about her favorites. Inevitably she'll ask whether I was scared by such and such a movie, and... bingo! There's the opportunity.

Capture your would-be lady by showing you're a man who will satisfy her foremost need: to be protected.