Seductive Music for Your Bachelor Pad

The Right Music Makes Seducing a Girl Easy

by Milesman

She's back at your place. You know you can score but there's that awkward silence, and you know that you're stalling. Turning on the stereo never crossed you're mind. Or even worse you have some Gangsta ballad rockin'. No.

Absolutely nothing does the trick like jazz. And by jazz I do NOT mean Kenny G, or Grover Washington Jr (RIP), or any of that smooth jazz bs. I'm talking about the real deal.

Look in your old man's collection for some Miles Davis albums, and for GOD sakes if you see a BILL EVANS album, buy it. IMMEDIATELY! These fellas were the biggest pimps during there days and the music is timeless.

Now why jazz and not classical you say?

For one, women prefer the soothing sounds and rhythms of jazz. Also, classical music is abrupt with its movements, fugues, etc. You want something with a clear beat and pulse so that everything flows smoothly. You'll stand out from every other schmuck who's got his Snoop Dogg plays the Blues CD's. And if for no other reason, jazz will help create a rhythm that BOTH of you can get into in bed. Dig?

A *small* list of artists you should check out:

  • Herbie Hancock
  • Miles Davis
  • Bill Evans
  • John Coltrane
  • Dexter Gordon
  • Tito Puente (For a latin feel-RIP)
  • Wayne Shorter
  • Joshua Redman
  • Erroll Garner
  • Joe Henderson
  • Bobby Hutcherson
  • Milt Jackson
  • Freddie Hubbard
  • Ella Fitzgerald