Something Women Love to Talk About

An Easy Way to Get a Woman Talking

by James

We all know that women like to talk. I mean, that's one of your key points, right? Show her that you can be a good listener.

And what else do women like? Shoes. Do you know any woman that doesn't have a closet just full of shoes?

A really good way to show a woman you can be a good listener is to say the simple phrase, "My, those are interesting shoes you've got on." Then stand back and let her go.

The trick here is to pick the right time to use this line. For example, if you walk across a crowded bar up to a woman and the first thing out of your mouth is, "What interesting shoes," she might think you're a little odd, know what I mean? You can use it as a pickup line, but it works better as a way to keep a conversation going.

I've found that this works well when you're standing in line, waiting at a bus stop, or, if you're a smoker, standing outside with your co-workers on your smoke break. You get the idea.

Another key point is to make sure she really is wearing some unique shoes. It probably won't work if she's wearing some beat-up old pair of sneakers that look like they passed their expiration date about six months ago.

This line can also be used as a good barometer to tell if she's interested in you or not — if she just blows you off she probably doesn't want to talk to you anyway. But I guarantee that this well-placed line will generate some kind of response out of most any woman.