The Power of Conviction In Attracting Women

Conviction Will Set You Apart From Other Guys and Attract Women Like a Magnet

by De La Soul

The power of conviction (being decisive and confident) cannot be underestimated.

Have you ever watched a game of soccer, where the ball has been crossed in from a corner, then sits up nicely in front of an attacking player, who promptly cracks the ball into the back of the net?

Now, have you ever seen a situation where a player who is in the same situation, makes sure the ball is in the correct place for a shot, is half caught between passing it off and taking a shot, and ends up being tackled and not being able to do either?

Or have you ever seen that show with John Edward (Crossing Over)? Notice how, when he says something that he thinks just might be right, he sticks with it, repeatedly asserting with full confidence something which he may not even be sure of himself?

Imagine if instead of doing that, he said, "Wait, maybe I'm wrong. Actually, I could be right. Look, I'm not really sure at all." Do you think he'd be a success?

Two Guys - Which One Are You?

Now, let's bring this into perspective.

Have you ever seen a guy strike up a conversation with a woman who he's never met before with complete and utter conviction? As if she's a long lost friend of his, and he has every right to be chatting with her?

Now, contrast that man with the guy who tries to strike up a conversation with the same girl, but who seems like he's not really sure how she'll react, and does it so excruciatingly cautiously that you just want to smack him.

Which of those two men has more success with the woman?

Do I need to answer?

Make Your Mind Up and Go With It

The message is clear: act, speak, and play with conviction.

Make your mind up and GO WITH IT.

I hate seeing the cautious soccer player caught between taking a shot and passing it! He just gets tackled and makes a fool of himself.

I hate seeing the nervous guy at the bar who doesn't know whether to smile or frown, laugh or cry, trying to make conversation with the babe next to him.

I'd much prefer to see the soccer player have a full-blooded strike on goal (even if he misses), and I'd much prefer to see the guy at the bar just relaxing, and doing EVERYTHING WITH CONVICTION.

Stop second-guessing.

Stop wondering whether you're doing the right thing.

Make a decision and go with it.