The Power of Saying "No" to a Woman

Why You Should Say "No" More Often

by Poon King

I believe "NO" is the most powerful word on earth.

The main reason this word is so powerful is because it's a word of "rejection" and most people fear rejection.

But more importantly, this word has a way of uncovering the TRUTH about people in almost any situation.

Often in relationships everything is smooth sailing with people until you refuse to give them something they want.

When you refuse to give a person something they want, you learn a lot about who they are and what their motives are.

If you are seeing a woman and you want to know what kind of person she is or what her true agenda is...

All you have to do is say NO to her.

See how she reacts.

Does she cut off sex? Does she cry? Does she argue?

OR does she respect you and say "Ok honey."

MEN: When a woman says "ok" in response to being told "NO" that's when you have something special. You have a non-controlling submissive woman who respects you. PERFECT.

Any type of drama means the woman is controlling and self-centered.

I use this word to separate "good people" in my life from people with an agenda. I use this word at WORK too.

Earlier this year I told my boss at work "NO" because he was suggesting something that made no sense. He later told me I was right and had good judgement.

When I say "NO" to a person with no agenda, I usually get a response like "Ok, no problem."

When I say "NO" to someone with an agenda I usually get an argument or a response along the lines of "I don't like you anymore!"

The TRUTH is revealed.

Does someone REALLY like you and respect you?

Say "NO" to them and find out.

Saying "NO" is one of the most alpha things you can do. There is POWER in knowing exactly where you stand with people.

And there is no easier way to find out.