The Shopping Approach

An Easy Way to Meet Women When Out Shopping In Malls and Department Stores

by Lone Star

My dad and I were shopping for sunglasses the other day at Dillards, and though it's a bit awkward to witness your own father flex his Don Juan skills, I must admit I was quite impressed.

I signaled to him that a foxy brunette was coming up the aisle, and he went to work:

"Excuse me... what do you think?"

He put on one of the shades he was considering.

"Would you buy these if you were me?"

Of course she giggled, gave her opinion, and they engaged in small talk.

To me, this approach made perfect sense:

Guys supposedly can't shop for themselves, so a female opinion is actually useful.

Considering women love to shop, you'll always be able to have plenty of opportunities to use it.

There's always going to be an abundant supply of women in stores...

Just like there will always be fish in the sea.