Throw THIS At the Next Beautiful Babe You See

All the Chicks Love This

by Glowstix

This has worked for me every time and it is now my trademark move and all my friends' reactions are the same...

"Boy, who would ever think that would work."

This Is What You Do

Well this is what you do, whether you are at the beach, club, bar, or at the train station:

First of all make sure the woman makes eye contact with you, and when she does, give a great big smile.

Second, blow her a kiss.

But not like a kiss like your grandmother would blow you.

Kiss your hand and throw it out to the side real quick like you are throwing it at her.

Every time I do this I get nothing but a big huge smile and a cute chuckle followed by a wave from the woman.

This tip has worked wonders for me and like I said it is my trademark move.

All the chicks like this because no other guy has ever done this before, and it shows your romantic side.

Try it out and I bet you will be happy with the results.