Does She Like Me?

by Allen Thompson

How can you tell if a woman likes you or not?

There are tons and tons of little signs that women often give off that can help you to judge how well you're doing. The following are three of the most obvious and telling. Keep these in mind when you're attempting to charm that beauty.

Eye Contact
If she likes you she'll engage in elevated levels of direct eye contact when talking with you. She'll look more directly into your eyes and hold it a little longer than normal. A great deal of eye contact with you usually signals that she's more interested in YOU than in the topic you're discussing. On the other hand, if she's avoiding your eyes, then you're probably not oozing too much charm.

Shoulder Orientation
Think of her shoulders as a pointer. She "points" them at what she's interested in. If you're talking to her and her shoulders are pointed directly at you then she's probably somewhat attracted to you. If they're pointed in a different direction, she's probably not (at the moment). But watch them. She may change their focus and begin moving in your direction... if you're doing things right.

Does she laugh at your jokes and witty remarks? If she is attracted to you, she will laugh at anything you say that is even mildly amusing. In fact she may laugh so much that you begin thinking that you must be pretty darn funny. (Why hasn't anyone told you this before?) In actuality, this has more to do with your presence eliciting a positive state of emotional arousal in her than in your wild sense of humor. On the other hand, if your humorous attempts draw blank or bored stares, then you might want to get movin' along.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999