Why You Should Ask Her to Do You a Favor

by Carl

For all you guys out there that have found your soulmate but are still trying to ingratiate yourself to her. I personally have never experienced this, but I've heard of people who swear by it. The idea makes sense too...

If you want a girl to fall for you, ask her to do you a favor.

This may sound a little odd. You always knew that doing a favor for another person was a good way to show you care, but now you're just turning that idea around and using it to your advantage.

What I was told was that since women are nurturers and caregivers by nature, they tend to invest time in whomever they are interested in. So next time you need a ride to the grocery store, a cup of sugar, someone to go clothes shopping with, or your nephew babysat, just pipe up and ask her.

Make sure you're at least friends before you try this, don't use it on a girl you just met/barely know.

And by the way guys, never borrow money.


The Big Kiss Surprise

by REd-xL

When you're walking down the street with her, ask her if she likes surprises. She'll say yes. Then grab her around the waist, toss her back over your arm, and lay one on her right there (a big kiss).

Never fails — and the move has all the qualities women look for in men.