Why Nice Guys Finish Last While Jerks Get All the Women

How to Get and Keep a Woman By Being a Great Guy Who's  Strong and Powerful!

by Anon

Don't be nice.

Be great.

Don't be a nice guy.

Be a great guy.

Here are some facts:

* Women think nice guys are nice.
* Women think great guys are great.

Nice is cute, and friendly, and ... nice. Great is nice too, but it is also strong and powerful (women love strength and power).

* Nice guys attract women in their thirties ... maybe.
* Great guys attract all women.


So what makes a guy great?

Well, surely you can imagine the difference in the "feeling" of being nice, and the feeling of being great. First, actively imagine the differences between the two qualities. What makes great better than nice? And then, once you have a good reality on the different feelings of each one (shouldn't be too hard), stop being nice, and start creating for yourself those qualities of being great.

Personally, when I think about this, this is what comes to my mind...

A nice guy is always nice. But remember, always being nice can come across as being weak — even if it is not. A great guy is mostly always nice, but when he needs to be firm, he is firm. This combination (nice/firm) is powerful.

Nice guys can easily allow themselves to be walked upon. Great guys will never allow this to happen, because at the first sign of it happening, he will do whatever is in his power to change the situation — even if it means leaving his girlfriend and being alone. This involves possible sacrifice, yes, but it displays strength.

And remember, just in being TRULY WILLING to leave, most times you won't have to. But if someone is walking all over you, and you are nice and let them, why would they ever stop? And what kind of life is that?

Being great means standing up for yourself AND others. Women are attracted to "jerks" not because they are assholes, but because jerks stand up for what they believe, and are willing to stand behind it. And that strength is what is so attractive. It just so happens that many of these strong men achieve their strength by being hard, and they truly don't care about other people's feelings — which makes them jerks.

But, it is possible to create strength, and also be sensitive toward others. That is what a great man does. And thus he stands up for NOT ONLY for himself, but for OTHERS as well. That is the difference. Women are not attracted to jerks, per say, rather strength. They just put up with the jerk behavior because the strength matters so much.

But, like with steel, the harder it is, the more brittle it becomes. Desirable is the metal that blends a perfect ratio of strength and flexibility. Women will choose a great man (strong, sensitive) any day over a jerk (hard).

There are thousands of things I could say here. Too many. Just remember, being great is not about how you look physically (other than taking care of yourself and looking YOUR best). Great is something else. It comes from within. It is a connection that YOU CREATE to that which is positive and that which is right. But part of it is that you have to ALWAYS do it, even when it hurts ... otherwise it fails.

What makes a man great? Simply, the ease in which he pulls off the incredible: The ability to stand very firmly behind — and always do — that which is right, regardless of consequence. And how do we achieve it? Like anything else, practice practice practice.

In relationships...

Remember that it MUST work two ways. If you are doing all the work, and get nothing in return, stand up for yourself and cut it off. Walk away, and fully intend not to come back. If she wants you, she will then start to work for you. BUT, it is important to do this immediately in the relationship, before she has already decided that you are a pushover.

Infant zebras "imprint" their mothers' stripes at birth, and never forget the pattern. That is how they can find mommy in a herd of fifty crazily striped horses. Think of your potential girlfriend as an infant zebra. She is imprinting you (consciously and subconsciously) from minute one. Always be strong, from the start. Just be a great guy. And know that you are!

And always remember, you can never tell someone how great you are. You have to show them.

Finally, if I fail to offer you any better advice on HOW to be great, just use this awesome pearl of wisdom: Fake It 'Till You Make It.