How You Can Easily Meet 30 Attractive Women in One Day Without Rejection

by Christopher

I have met 30 women in one day. It is very possible.

One thing is that if you are shy, it may not be that many. Just work at it and your confidence will get you to meeting more and more women each day.

Here is how I met so many women in just one day.

I was at the mall one day smelling new colognes for men. The woman sprayed it on a piece of cardboard. I smelled it and liked it. So I turned around and a very attractive woman was walking by. I said, "Excuse me. I don't mean to bother you, but I just can't decide if this new cologne smells good. Could you please smell it and give me your honest opinion?"

She liked it. Then I held out my hand and introduced myself. We talked for about 5 minutes. I got her name, found out she lived in the area and what she does for a living. I turned around and asked the lady at the counter if she could spray another card. I put the cards in my suit pocket and took off towards downtown.

I walked up to 30 attractive women that day and asked them if they could give me their honest opinions on this new cologne I was thinking about getting. Out of 30 women, 28 of them liked it. I introduced myself after they gave me their opinion, and asked them 3 open-ended questions.

A few days later I was walking down the sidewalk in the same area I met one of the ladies. I noticed her. Very attractive Italian lady. She smiled. So I smiled and stopped, called her by her name, and we started talking again. I asked her, "You do not remember me, do you?" She said, "Yes, I do. You stopped me before and ask me to smell this new cologne."

The thing was she did not remember my name but she did remember meeting me. So I reintroduced myself and we started down the sidewalk just having a great conversation.

Once you meet them again it's up to you to take it from there. This is a great and unique way to meet attractive women. I do it every summer.

One thing to remember. Out of the 30 women you meet you have to remember their names, where you met them, and what time of day it was. People are creatures of habit. They go to the same places all the time.

Just get the cologne on a card, and get out there meeting beautiful women. Good luck. Let me know how it works for you.