My Favorite Pickup Lines For Meeting Women

by Michael

If you are truly an aspiring Don Juan, try these. These pickup lines are among my personal favorites. I have yet to get a negative response from any of them.

Pickup Line 1:

Hello. I really don't have any good pickup lines to use on you... except maybe one. (She will ask to hear it.) In a very suave, deep, Italian-accented voice, "How you doin'?" (just like Joey Tribbiani on the television show "Friends".) 99% of most women know what you are talking about and the comedy helps break the ice.

Pickup Line 2:

Hi. <insert small talk here>. Well maybe we can go out sometime and grab a bowl of cereal. Most guys say coffee, but I'm a cereal man. (Most women laughingly will ask what kind of cereal. If you recommend a place where you can get good cereal, she will realize you are serious for a date... or would like some company over a bowl of cereal. 99% of the women I have tried this with go out with me just to see what kind of cereal they can get.)

Pickup Line 3:

This works in a crowded bar setting but it only works if you get the 2 second eye-contact "look" and smile from a woman who is interested. Walk over. "Hello. How are you this evening? I was standing over there and couldn't help but notice you were staring at my butt." This is hysterically funny just because 1) she wasn't 2) a totally wrong observation on your part, and 3) only you would have the guts to come up and say something like this.

Pickup Line 4:

Finally, just walk up to a girl and say, "Hello. I'm Mr. Right. I heard you were looking for me?"

If you mention anything regarding their physical appearance right from the start, you will sound insincere. She may be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen... but ignore that fact, and talk to her like you would any other person. This really helps break the ice and eases the awkwardness of meeting someone new.

Once you have the dialog, should the topic of sex come up... and it will... you can always say, "I haven't had sex in so long that I'm wondering if they've changed it."