How You Can Be Better with Women Than 95% of the Guys Out There

by Allen Thompson

Do you realize that if you've read all the articles and tips here at SoSuave, then you most likely know more about male-female relationships than 95% of the guys out there. (Maybe 99%.)

Your competition — for the finest ladies around — knows practically nothing about women. This should be a tremendous boost to your confidence, your self-esteem, and give you a general all-around good feeling about life... and these traits, of course, will make you even more attractive to women.

So let me ask you... how often do you visit the site?

How many of the thousands of articles and tips have you read?

You do know that the site is updated with new info several times every week, right?

The key to filling your life with women, happiness, and oodles of freaky romance is right before you. All you have to do is click, read, learn, and practice.

Don't let yourself down. Don't let the girl of your dreams down by not being ready when you meet her.

Start now!

Allen Thompson
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Don't Look Like a Bumbling Idiot

by Anon

After asking a few people out before unsuccessfully, I've learned one bad thing to avoid when asking someone out. When and if you do ask someone out for a date, and they acknowledge you, please do not reply with a "thank you"!

For some stupid reason (mainly by surprise) I've caught myself doing this idiotic thing. It's polite but it makes the scene seem awkward and you look like a bumbling idiot.

My advice is to practice ... practice ... practice before you approach them. It helps to build your confidence and you don't find your tongue tied up in knots.