Using Enthusiasm to Stand Out and Attract More Women to You

by Lighthat

The best way to make yourself stand out in a crowd and meet women is to show Extra Enthusiasm in common, boring situations.

Why you say. Well, because it puts you on the spot and it draws in positive energy to your appearance. It shows you are a fun-loving guy and that you're fun... which makes you rare! It's very easy but most men take this skill for granted.

The next time you're with a group of ladies... show LOTS! of enthusiasm to whatever your situation is.

Example: if you're just sitting, drinking around at the bar, show extra enthusiasm by being excited to order your next drink. Or get excited about the game on the TV and then up the tempo by adding a little sexual wit to normal, boring conversations.

This skill makes you the center of attention, which equals more potential ladies showing interest in you. If someone calls your bluff and gives you negative feedback... call them back by upping the enthusiasm and putting them back in line by speaking up about their lack of interest.

This skill can get you very far because it's so simple yet most guys don't do it. Just remember not to overdue it. Just the right amount of enthusiasm at the right time equals lots more ladies.