A Stunningly Beautiful Woman

by James Smith

I found this technique to be a great one for picking up women.

Walk up to a woman that you find attractive. The setting is irrelevant. And say to her with a smile:

"Excuse me, but I could not help to notice you while walking here. I wanted to let you know that you are a stunningly beautiful woman."

Then wait for a response which, in 95% of all cases, is a mix of stunned disbelief mixed in with blushing and immediate like toward you.

I find that most of the time this is all you have to say, and the woman will do most of the talking and the pressure is off you. The woman will freely continue the conversation with you.

Using this technique I have been able to score more numbers and dates than any other way. Follow up the initial comments about how great she looks and how much you are attracted to her. Then tell her you would love to see her for a drink or a meal. Get her number.

I find this works for the following reasons:

* It's courageous, and women like men who take risks.

* It's honest and to the point. They know where they stand with you.

* If they are attracted to you, telling them you find them beautiful will free them from their fear of rejection of being attracted to you.

* It makes them feel good about themselves.

* It lets them know you like them. People like those who like them.

Try it on the next 20 women that you see and you will be amazed with the results.