How I Get Phone Numbers From Waitresses... and How You Can Too!

by Jason Rhone

Here is something I discovered completely by accident. I've been testing it and it works consistently.

About three months ago I'm out with a couple of good buddies. I didn't really want to go as I was in a very bad mood due to some personal and business problems. They dragged me along anyway.

We went to a sports bar and got a waitress who was absolutely spectacular. My friends were their typical selves — joking and teasing and harassing this chick mercilessly and, as most waitresses usually do with those two, she loved it. I simply kept quiet, stewing in my own juices and pissed that I'd allowed myself to be brought along. I just wasn't in the mood.

Eventually, Heather begins to comment on my silence and paying extra attention to me. In an effort to get her to leave me alone, I asked her about herself, forgetting the first rule I learned as a Don Juaner: Women love talking about themselves.

I stayed polite and maintained eye contact while she bored me spitless. My friends continued to harass her and she continued to pay attention to me touching my hand and rubbing my shoulders.

The physical contact got me thinking. On the way out I asked for her number. (Hey, I was depressed, not dead.) Impromptu mission accomplished.

A couple of weeks later the three of us went out again. I was in much better spirits. We went for dinner and drinks at a restaurant we hadn't been to in awhile. Got a good looking waitress and my boys went right to work. While I was more talkative, I was still pretty quiet. No reason, I just had nothing to say. Again, the waitress's attention concentrated on me.

I didn't think much of it until she started with the touchy feely. Another phone number with absolutely no sweat.

Here is what I've doped out: This doesn't work when you are by yourself. If you don't say anything, you won't get anything, and I'm not talking about no phone #. You need at least one friend with you who'll chat up the waitress. You stay quiet unless she speaks to you or say very little. The more in your party however, the better. (Up to six. You don't want to get lost in the crowd. This is my theory, I don't know for sure.)

When her attention turns to you, don't answer whatever personal question she asks, ignore it and ask her something about herself. You're halfway home in bed with her right there.

If she doesn't initiate contact with you, your chances are 50-50 or less. I say this because right now I'm 8 for 11 and the three who wouldn't give up those digits, while they gave me extra attention, never touched me. That's the only common denominator. So if they touch you, start planning your first date right then.

I assume this could work anywhere. But I've only done it in bars/restaurants.

Obviously, this has to do with women's attraction to the mysterious type. It's very easy to do as the only effort is in finishing your drink. Enjoy!

Jason Rhone