How I Built Up My Confidence and Started Talking to Women

by Drexler

I have always been kind of shy. You know, the nice guy that helps people but never gets to first base with a woman. Thanks to the DJ tips, I have become a little more confident every day.

For me, the trouble was building up the confidence to talk to a stunning woman. I found the easiest way for me to get over that fear: I had to practice. In order to practice, I had to find out where a lot of women were. So, this is what I did.

I went to a FREE online dating service and signed up for a profile or personal ad. (Some good ones I've used are and Love at I haven't had the greatest luck with these services, and yet I have gained more confidence in chatting with the women I've contacted.

I have definitely learned through trial and error what I should and shouldn't say. I have also gotten over the fear of being let down. If they don't want to talk or meet, I simply say to myself, "This girl looses out on a free night out on the town with the best guy in the world."

Lately, I catch myself looking for an excuse to talk to women just to introduce myself and get to know them. I know sooner or later that I will run into the one who will say yes. How can I give up now?

I have learned over the past few years that life is like a big scorecard. You either win or lose. I choose to win. It won't be long now before I meet the girl of my dreams.