How to Be a 'Nice Guy' and Still Get Laid

by RS

We all know women don't like the Nice Guy. But most of us don't want to be the jerk, even if we don't get laid as much. If you don't get to be you, what's the point?

So the solution I've applied successfully, is to change only one thing about my "nice guy" approach — Keep It Sexual!

I'm a kind, sensitive, giving person the entire encounter. But I never pretend that I am not a sex-fiend.

If she is wearing a low-cut blouse, choose a good moment while she is speaking about something even she doesn't care about, and smile and say, "I'm sorry. I'm not listening. I'm using all my power not to stare down your shirt." Then, take a well-deserved look, then back to her eyes — "You look delicious" or "You are driving me crazy" or "I'm not sure how long I can stand it" etc.

Tell her how she is making you feel — not what you want to do with her. It makes her feel potent.

There's nothing "not nice" about wanting her body. As long as she thinks it's secondary to being interested in who she is. I judge it carefully to not "interrupt" the "getting to know her" parts, but insert a sexual come-on about every 30 minutes.

Depending on how she is responding, amp up the volume each time. Put your hands on her hips the second time. Pull her to you the third time (don't go for the kiss, though). Each time gauge timing carefully, and then back-off, ready to go back to "getting to know her." This is not your "move" on her. It is just communication.

Later, when her motor gets running (and it happens at the strangest times), she will think back to the couple of sexual references you have made, and take it as permission to make the first move. You have already said it is okay and you are interested in her sexually, so she doesn't feel the risk of being rejected as overly-slutty — this is one of her big fears.

Give her permission to be slutty with you. Wait for it. Expect it. And when she moves on you, react swift, confident, and fully. She is definitely willing — so this is not the time to practice restraint. By now, she IS ready.