Drive Women Wild

by Davey

All women have spots on their bodies that will make them melt and drive them wild. I am not talking sexually, but physically and emotionally. Not all women have the same spot however, and finding it can, at many times, be an EXTREMELY difficult task. Try the following things and places.

1) Kiss her neck. Under her chin and to the left or right (about where a pulse is checked). Lift up her hair from behind and kiss the back of her neck.

2) Stroke the back of her neck. Nuff said.

3) Blow lightly on her neck. Hard enough for her to notice and actually feel, but light enough to tickle instead of bother.

4) Lightly trace your finger up her arm. Start at her wrist, with her palm facing up. Go up past the inside of her elbow, and up her bicep, to her shoulder, and back down to her wrist.

5) Trace your finger along her hand. This works on both sides. Lightly (as above) go up and down each finger and trace circles on the mounds of her palm and back of her hand (stay out of the little circle in the middle of her palm, it doesn't do anything). Spirals from the outside in are good on the back of her hand.

6) Trace you fingers up and down her sides. Slowly. From the waist of her pants to her bra strap (or where they would normally be). Don't get touchy-feely and start feeling her breast every time you go up (she won't like it).

7) Her knees. Put your fingers on one hand as if it were a sock puppet with its mouth closed - now place the tips of them lightly on her knee. Let your fingers slide apart and down her knee as if it were an egg running down and bring them back up in a similar fashion. Move your hand above her knee and do it again. (Keep going up to about half-way up and then move to the side of her leg so that you don't make her uncomfortable.) Try at various speeds and forces at different occasions. If she is wearing denim, you will have to apply more pressure than with a thin synthetic fabric. Note: she must be sitting down for this to work.

8) The back of her knees. (see #4.) Just in her knee area. Not the whole leg.

9) Stroke your fingers through her hair. Slowly.

10) Stare into her eyes softly and fondly.

P.S. More helpful tips:

- Buy clothes with a touchability factor. They love to feel silk, and really soft fabrics against their hands and skin.

- Also take good care of your hair. They like soft hair without tangles that they can run their fingers through.

- Another good thing to do is to come up with a good salutation in letters and cards. Instead of "love" or "yours truly" come up with something original. I came up with one that has been commented on many times by female friends and lovers. I use hugs-n-such. It leaves them marveling at your inventiveness, and also when they think of the word "such" they think of you and wonder what it means in your letter.

May the luck of previous Don Juans fall upon yourselves.


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