I Painted My Face Blue, and the Girls Loved It

by Fazz

I went out clubbing last night and pulled two, yes two, sexy babes. Please don't think I'm showing off, as I did nick the idea off someone else who was there.

As I was walking to the bar I saw about 4-5 people with blue-colored war paint on their faces. It looked really cool so I asked them where they got it from, but instead a boy handed me a half-empty tube of it.

I put some on my face and so did my mate. During the night many girls came up to me and asked me where I got it. As I had lots left I would paint their faces and at the same time introduce myself.

This is a great method because:

* The girls come up to you. (So do the guys.)
* You are able to touch their faces and bodies without that slap.
* Great way to introduce yourself.

The war paint stuff was really blue hair gel and is water based so it will wash out of clothes. Look in your local supermarket for Kryolan Haar gel (blue).



How I Became More Confident

by Jay Jones

For guys who lack confidence, this one may boost your morale when talking to women.

Now guys with mid to high confidence can just walk up to any girl out the blue and come away with her number and a date 80% of the time. But for regular guys like me with regular confidence, and for those with low confidence, there is something that may help you. And that something would be motivational speakers.

Every morning while I begin my daily routine of school and work, I pop in a confidence builder tape. I listen to it over and over throughout the day and it seems to work. I can overlook my flaws, I can adapt, and I can do whatever.

Now I act AS IF...

If you've ever seen the movie Boiler Room, you can probably relate. I act as if the world is mine. And since women happen to inhabit the world, I feel like any of Earth's women would be lucky to get attention from me. It may sound conceded or cocky, but that's my mindset in every situation with a woman.

Jay Jones