The Easiest Way to Get Women Is to Just Be Happy

by Anon

Confidence is not some magical quality that only certain people have. It is something everyone seems to have when they are happy.

Ever wonder why you can hook up with three different women in one weekend? This only happens when you are happy and full of confidence. You are having fun... and people need to be around you.

On the flip side, sometimes you can go on dry spells that last months.

Being successful with women is not luck, looks, attitude or any of these things. Success comes when you believe in your mind that the girl you're talking to would be foolish to turn you down. You make it clear to her nonverbally and otherwise, that you are just what she needs.

When it is clear to you that you've got a chance with a particular woman, you've got to test her. I call it the kiss test. All you do is look her right in the eyes and ask if you may kiss her (keep in mind, things need to be going well before you do this).

If she says no, stay in the game - she may just be teasing you. If she says yes, then you kiss her and embrace her warmly.

This move has led me straight to the bedroom about ten different times.

Try it - it works.


I've Lost a Smile

by Anon

If you see a pretty woman sitting at the bar, alone/bored/sad, walk up to her chair, put your hand on either on the counter next to her drink or on the back of her chair. Then start looking around — under her chair, around the side and back.

Look up at her every so often. In a minute or two, her curiosity will get the better of her and she'll ask, "Are you looking for something?"

Reply, "Yes, I think I've lost a smile."

She will, of course, oblige. And you should follow up with, "Yes, that's the one..." and continue from there — I usually introduce myself.

Can't use it everywhere, but very powerful and works every time!