How I Attracted and Impressed Girls at a College Kegger

by Anonymous

New Year's Eve 1998... me and some of my college buddies planned on heading down to the main strip in the area to cruise and socialize, and then planned on going back to a kegger for when midnight came around.

There were a couple of guys in the group who were 21, but most of us were underage at the time so hitting the bars was not on our agenda. As you can imagine, if you are with 4 other college dudes and are planning on walking around and then going to a drunken kegger, jeans and a sweatshirt would be the appropriate attire.

I, however, sported a brand new, black collar, button-up shirt with a silk tie, a new blazer, and my roommate's nicest pair of khakis before I went out.

When my friend picked me up, he looked at me like I was a moron and asked why I was all dressed up for some college kegger. I told him for kicks, which is all I figured at the time. When we met our other friends, they were also confused, but nobody really cared all that much.

When we arrived at the party one hour before the new year, I certainly looked out of place wearing a tie at a kegger. However, the majority of the attention I received was favorable... and from very cute college girls, all wanting to know why I was dressed up. When I told them it was just for fun and nothing special, they were all impressed.

And I promise you that later on I had a VERY happy New Years with one of my new admirers.

At the time I figured it was just pretty lucky and cool and didn't really think much of it. But after a while I began to think about it.

I have had to wear a suit and tie before, mostly at work. And although anyone will naturally look a little better when fixed up, the attention I had always received was never unusual. I now attribute my success at the party to the fact that everybody else looked the same. The clothes made me stand out in a very good way.

So even if I was not the best-looking guy in the room, I stood out - which is just as important.

I'm not saying to always dress up around your scrub friends. But if you can remember my story, or come up with other ways to stand out in a good way, then I think you will also experience similar success.