Use 'The Silent Pause' to Score More Phone Numbers and Dates from Women - Part 2

by James Smith

After writing The Silent Pause tip I received a tremendously high rate of positive responses from subscribers to this weekly Don Juan tip. I wanted to expand on the topic and offer further insight and suggestions to ensure that the technique is used properly.

To recap, the objective is to say what you need to say and stay silent, and allow protracted pauses to occur in between what you say and what the woman says. Keep what you say short and to the point and place the onus on her to talk. Ask her questions to keep her talking and say little about yourself.

One of the keys to making this effective, I noticed, is that you need to keep facing the woman and make eye contact with a smile when you remain silent. Otherwise she is likely to think that you are not interested in her and may walk away.

Exceptions occur in obvious situations where she cannot walk off, such as in a car, or when you are sitting down at a meal. I found that when you do allow protracted pauses to occur make sure that you are looking at her in the eyes directly and smiling. This coupled with the silence seems to elicit intense feelings of passion and desire in a woman.

While in a conversation and employing this technique, I've had women come up to me and kiss me without me initiating anything, by simply looking at them and smiling.

Think of when you kiss a woman. There is usually a longer period of silence that occurs before it happens. By being quiet and smiling you are in effect creating an atmosphere subconsciously comparable to when you begin to make love or kiss passionately. If you can do this as soon as possible with a woman when you meet her, you will elicit the same intense feelings of desire and passion in her. She will feel them and, in a sense, see you in a more attractive light.

No one ever kissed anyone by talking. Remember stay silent, look at her and smile. Force yourself if you have to. I read that the famed Russian Rasputin used the same approach to score with 1000's of women.

By using this technique I've had women offer me their numbers, unsolicited, and some have even brought up the topic of sex first when meeting them for the first time.

For example, I've had a woman recently, within the first 20 minutes of meeting her, offer me her number. And after I suggested that I needed to go home and shower, she alluded to wanting to take a hot shower with me. Another one just blurted out that if her and I had sex we would go for hours because she felt a great amount of sexual energy between us. Another one said she had not had sex for 18 months and wanted some relief of her sexual tension. Another one said she loves to have sex on ecstasy and gave me her number without me asking, so that we could go out clubbing to a rave bar where they take the drug. All this within 20 minutes of meeting them and using this approach.

You may ask yourself, "How do I do this? I cannot allow silence to occur like this. It seems very uncomfortable and they may walk away."

You can use the rule of 5 - 10. When she finishes count to anywhere between 5 and 10 in your head before you say anything. The more you do it the better you get at it. She will not walk away. Trust the process and you will see. The first time this works for you, you will see the power of the technique.

You may also ask yourself, "How do I maintain a conversation by being silent?"

Ask her lots of questions and follow-up questions. Example: she says she just came back from a trip. Ask her, "How was your trip? What did you do? What were the highlights? How were the clubs? Etc." Remember to look at her and smile when she answers and allow between 5 and 10 seconds of silence before the next question, and never ever interrupt no matter how important what you want to say may be.

When she asks you a question, example "How is work?" You say "It's fine. Just rolling along." Follow with a question. "How is your work going for you?" She will go on forever. Remember also to tell them you think they are beautiful/attractive, etc.

Also remember to resist the temptation to talk about yourself... no matter how interested or demanding she may seem about getting info out of you. Many women will seek to find out about who you are and what you are all about. If you reveal little about yourself, you will keep their interest levels extremely high and in pursuit of you.

Women also have a habit of wanting to know about your interests in other women. These questions I would simply just ignore and not even acknowledge. Staying silent about yourself also prevents her using things that you say against you. I found this to be the biggest romance killer of all time, for me at least.

Remember comment on her beauty, ask her questions, keep quiet, smile and look at her in the eyes. Happy hunting.