How to Subtly Keep a Woman Thinking About You When You're Not Around

by Steve

Leave some of your things at her place.

A hat, a flannel shirt, even an umbrella. Don't be at all concerned about what you leave behind. It will remind her of you even when you are not there.

She may like the scent on your shirt, or like how it feels. Or anything that might connect her with you in your absence will do the trick. But you should make sure that you had a couple of previous GOOD dates first.

This will also give you a reason to come back and see her later.

Now to best employ this technique, you need to partially hide what it is that you are going to leave behind, so that she doesn't realize it until after you are long gone. If she calls to tell you that you left something, don't let her know you are in any kind of hurry to get it back.



Improve Your Dating Results By Keeping a Date Journal

by Mike G.

Being a guy is not easy. We have to find the girls; all they have to do is say "yes" and "no" at first.

What I have found that has really helped my dating life is keeping a date-journal. If a date goes badly, write down what went wrong. See how you could improve with the next girl. Learn from your mistakes. If the date goes well, write down what you did that was positive.

This is a good way to improve with dating.

Mike G.