How to Approach Women Tactic: The Marriage Proposal

by Phil

Everyone thinks that deep down every woman yearns to be married and live with the love of her life. This is untrue! Really what they yearn for is the moment — the magic question, the ultimate magic moment. It means more than just "I love you" ever could.

If you can bring that moment briefly to her, she will instantly be grateful... and you don't even have to be sincere.

First of all, look incredulously at the woman upon whom you have taken your fancy, walk up and say simply and surely (eye to eye contact and all that), "Will you marry me?"

This brings, firstly, a stunned look. Even the most hard-bitten woman reacts despite the fact you probably don't mean it. If they're not flattered, they at least find it amusing. You have asked them, and they have waited for that moment.

Even though it is just you, those words inflate a woman's self-esteem beyond measure. We all know "You're beautiful" or "You're really sexy" can work, but generally they don't. The women just brush them off. They've heard those words before and they just don't make the cut.

But no one ever asks for their hand in marriage, and it amazes them. The usual reaction is:

... Laughs. Says, "No".

1) So you say either, "Ok, just kiss me." Invariably they will. It's nothing on marriage after all.

Or you can go for the Don Juan expander which will be fully appreciated:

2) "Then I must leave and we shall never meet again; our love is left unrequited. Kiss me farewell."

No. 2 may seem a failed attempt, but I promise you will get that farewell kiss. And who knows what can happen from there.

If you like kissing girlies at least, this is a sure-fire winner.