How Just a Little Change Can Lead to Gobs of Female Attention

by Frank

Recently I changed my hair color to a platinum blonde and it's amazing what a little change has done.

I own a women's clothing store and it amazes me the compliments I'm getting. I don't dress or act any differently but the change has given me a lot of attention that I would normally never get.

I'm not suggesting that everyone run out and bleach their hair, but a radical change can open doors to conversations that might otherwise not occur, and you'll be looked upon as someone who is kind of not your average guy.

A lot of females who normally would just say "hi" to me are impressed by the change, not just for the looks, but also because it shows that I'm not boring and stuck in a rut.



Concentrate On One Step At a Time

by Anonymous

I think we all agree that the final goal with that gorgeous lady at the other end of the bar is to get her into our bed and, if possible, into our life. So now there's no need to keep thinking about it all the time (even if it's hard not to).

Instead, I found that it's much more efficient to concentrate on the next step only!

What I mean is: don't get caught up in daydreams about 20 grandchildren when you don't even have her phone number yet. Take baby steps, one at a time.

That way, you'll be more focused, more relaxed, and will probably come across as much less desperate.

And if you get rejected at one of those early stages, your problem won't be that you missed the love of your life, but only that you didn't get her number (or that she didn't call you back, or whatever). This will make it much easier to bear.