You Must Recognize That Most Relationships Will End and Resolve to Have No Regrets

by Anon

It is a fact of life that most romances will not last beyond a certain point.

Knowing this, one can decide not to have any regrets about any relationships. The best way not to have any regrets is to always act righteously and never treat one's girlfriend in an abusive manner.

If a woman treats a man abusively, he must either get out of that relationship right away or immediately tell his abusive girlfriend that he will not tolerate any more of her abuse.

Acting righteously, honestly, and caringly will keep a man from having any future regrets. This is not to say that a man must be a softy or an overly sensitive guy. What it means is that a confident, intelligent, and mature man understands that, whether or not his girlfriend sticks around, he can go on and keep on enjoying life to its fullest.

A man who lives by these rules exudes an aura of joy, confidence, and maturity that leaves a lasting impression on everyone, including former girlfriends.

It makes little sense for people who have once cared about each other to end up having hard feelings for each other. In order to avoid having any hard feelings, avoid relationships where anxiety, arguments, and jealousy overshadow the fun times.

Instead, get involved in relationships where the fun times will leave everlasting sweet memories no matter how long those relationships last.