Getting the Babes to Notice You

by Ryan

I have always been the type of man who feels more comfortable dressed up than dressed down. At school, at work, at parties, I always pride myself at looking better and more suave than the next man.

I have begun to notice that when I'm slumming, wearing sweats or running pants, I get a more favorable reaction from women just walking down the street. I hadn't been able to put the connection together, until an encounter that happened recently.

My friends and I play on a softball team, and one of my friends had a party at night after one of our games. I wasn't really even that into going, I was pretty tired and just wanted to veg out at home.

I got talked into going, and just walked out the door wearing whatever I had on, which turned out to be the same shirt I wore in the game. I hadn't showered, and I was just wearing a t-shirt, shorts, a sweat-stained hat, and flip-flops. I didn't care, because I was just hanging with the guys.

Later in the night, those same friends convinced me to go out to the bars and go dancing. I wanted to go change, but they weren't going to wait for me. I went, danced up a storm, and had a good time.

After about an hour, I went to the bar to get a beer, and a girl came up to me and introduced herself and bought me a beer. We started talking, and it turns out she noticed me right when I walked in because I looked different from the other guys in the bar!

Here I was feeling all uncomfortable because I didn't think I looked good, and it was the very reason I hooked up with her that night. I won't go into great detail about how this story ends, but let's just say I had a very good night.

Now I'm not saying that you should always dress like a bum, or that all women like that look. I don't even think she likes that look, specifically, but she liked the way I looked, and the reason she noticed me is because I stood out. I probably wouldn't have even gotten a second look if I'd been wearing a polo shirt and jeans, because I'd look like every other college guy out there.

My advice is just to do something so you look different. So many people have the same styles, dictated by the GAP or Polo, and they all look good, but they all look the same.

How are you expecting women to notice you if you blend into the crowd? Simply put, they won't. So do something different. It could be dressing up. Or down. Whatever. Just stand out.

Have fun, be confident!