How a Jerk Gets Women

by Smooth Vejita

Well, I've been reading from this center for about a year, and I've recently begun reading the Nice Guys & Jerks section. What I find most intriguing is the fact that the guys' opinions outnumber the women's opinions by a large amount. I was pretty sure women would have more to say.

As I read the guys' opinions, I found that most of them were on the WRONG track! The women, though very few, have it all down. Guys, do you really think the whole "nice guy vs jerk" battle is between the nice guy and the jerk? If so, then it's good that you're reading this.

It's not about nice guys and jerks; it's about the qualities that women look for. It's just an assumption, which is usually correct, that the jerk possesses these qualities. Qualities like confidence, independence, assertiveness, and being a good protector. The assumption that nice guys don't have these qualities is simply a stereotype.

I myself am not a nice guy, nor am I a jerk, although girls tell me that I am occasionally... which is a good signal, if you're called that from time to time, because it means the girl likes you. (Women are confusing, right?)

I have plenty of female friends that are attracted to me, but I never ask them why. I know the reason why. It's because I possess those qualities: confidence, assertiveness, and an attitude (which I was told by a female friend of mine. I didn't notice that though.).

Some more advice: have a tough attitude in front of your crowd of male friends and be gentle, but tough, with your female friends in private. That's something I've picked up on that works like a charm. It gives the impression that you have 2 sides to you, a tough-ass and a sweet side. I know this because my friend wrote to me, "There are so many words to describe you. You have a bad attitude, yet you're sweet and a great friend."

Showing two sides radiates mystery. Mystery breeds curiosity. Curiosity makes her realize that you're a challenge. One HUGE quality that seems to separate guys into the "nice guy" or "jerk" category is challenge.

Nice guys are seen as too nice because they don't know how to control themselves when they meet a woman. They fall in love too fast. They open their yaps about love before the girl does. They act too desperate for her. They give off submissive vibes that radiate, "I need you." If you are one of them, QUIT it, because it's not a quality women long for.

They may not say it right away, but you'll eventually understand that women want a challenge. They want a guy, not a jerk. A guy that can handle himself around her. A guy that can take control. A guy that's confident, and doesn't bow to her every wish.

If she says, "Hold this," and she has 2 hands free, the challenge in the confident guy will say, "You hold it." Maybe in a joking way, but he'll say it. That guy lets her know that he won't be a doormat.

And if she doesn't earn his affection, he is always able to walk and find someone else. He's not in control of the woman, because he knows he cannot control her. But he can control himself, his own emotions. The challenge in the confident guy can leave a woman if she's not treating him right, even if he loves her.

Why? Because he knows he can find another. This quality in a guy, not a jerk or any other type of guy, just a guy, is very attractive and will make her want to be with you more. Good Luck!!

Smooth Vejita