My Foray Into Power Seduction

by Anonymous

My foray into power seduction consists of 2 things:

1) Find a good cologne that works for you, and

2) Get involved in social (partner) dancing. Learn a couple dance steps, and women will melt in your arms.

Smelling good and being a good dance leader has gotten me laid more than one can imagine.

One time I went to a convention out of town, and several of us visited a 50's rock and roll dance hall/bar. I observed many many ladies sitting around waiting to be asked to dance, and many many men standing around the bar, with beer bottle in hand, staring at all the ladies, and trying to look cool.

I was not much of a drinker, nor did I ever have much savvy regarding the bar scene, so I asked this one nice looking gal, "Why are all those guys standing around the bar staring, and not out dancing?" She said, "Those guys are all AFRAID to ask the ladies to dance!"

So, I got over my fear of asking in quite a hurry.

Now, I don't broadcast this about, but one day I found myself divorced, living in a new town, single, bored and lonely. There was this place called Rock-N-Rodeo, the only jumpin joint in town. So I went in my suit and tie and felt like a cat at a dog show. But I wised up, and the next weekend I showed up in new boots, jeans and hat, and took up dancing country-western 2-step, Waltz, traveling Cowboy Cha-Cha, etc.

Mind you, I am a professional music consultant by trade, and I personally despise CW music, but I go there to dance and seduce women. And boy let me tell you, those women, of all ages, love to dance with me... and love it when I tell them that they are the best dancer I ever danced with... and how it really turns me on to dance with them... and would they like to grab a cup of coffee with me sometime... and can I walk you out to your car tonight when you're ready to go home?

The biggest trick of all is to make sure that you dance with EVERY LADY in the house, so not one of them thinks they own you, and it keeps them guessing and drives them crazy!!!

And Now... I'm married to the sexiest babe in town, a Nicole Kidman look-alike, and I have honed and polished my skill. All my current women know my wife, and like her. (And how convenient that she's a flight attendant and has to be out of town a lot.) Yes, she'll get pissed when she comes home and finds a long brunette hair, but she loves me.

But before I was married, o my God... women were hanging all over me, calling me, coming over in the middle of the night just to pork me: I had an unending supply.

And the best part of all... I ain't no spring chicken... I'm 47, short, bald, overweight, and I'm not rich, and I'm not good-looking either. I drive a '71 VW van, or an '87 Mazda that has been rear-ended.

But I can dance, and I do smell good!

And you know what else... every man on the dance floor has an equal opportunity because the ladies can't see your car, your home, or your bank account.

And if guys aren't getting laid all they want, it's their own fault.