How I Smoothly Approach the Hottest Babes on Earth

by NoMoreNiceGuy

Where I work there is this fabulous Hot Babe. I'm talking about a chick so hot she makes the girls of Baywatch look ugly! Anyway today was my first real chance to meet her so here's what I did...

We're walking towards each other in the hallway so I stop her.

Me:  Hi, what's your name?

Her:  Tanya

Me:  Hi Tanya, I've been noticing that you're by far the loveliest girl that works here and I wanted to meet you.

Well that was all it took. She was very flattered and got all flustered at this point. She threw out "Thank You!" and then, as if she wasn't sure what to do, took a couple steps in the direction she was going and then stopped and took a step back to talk to me.

I just made fluff talk asking about her job and what not. The great part was how I was all cool and confident while she was clearly a bit nervous. She talked a little too fast and made slightly exaggerated hand gestures and head movements, signs of nervousness.

Now I'm just a regular guy and I was dressed in a t-shirt and slightly dirty jeans. And here was the Hottest Babe around acting as if she had just met the greatest stud in the world.

I've used that approach two other times recently and it had a similar effect on the women involved. From now on it's about the only approach I'm going to use all the time. It works great and it's easy to do!

This tip is from the SoSuave Discussion Forum