What to Do When a Woman Is Stalling or Giving You the Runaround

by James Smith

I discovered this one by accident and I have been using it to great effect with women to overcome any uncertainty or stalling that they may employ as you are pursuing them.

I met a woman (Cindy Crawford look alike, a perfect 10) while driving home one night from the gym. Her fender came loose in a snowstorm and was dragging behind her. I stopped her and tied it to her truck and asked her out. She would not give me her number but asked for my business card. Later in the week I got a "thank you card" with her business card inside asking me to call her.

I called and left a message — nothing.

I sent an email three days later — nothing.

Finally I sent her an email saying that she either returns my call and we make plans or there is no sense in me pursuing her any further. She called within 30 minutes and said she liked my attitude. We made plans for that Saturday night.

After she stalled again, and I once again said we either see each other or go our separate ways. Basically my way or the highway. She loved it and kept on seeing me.

This got me thinking that so many times women stall and waste our time by giving us the run-around. Basically, I believe that we allow them to do this to us as men by not being definite because of the fear of rejection if we come outright and ask for a definite decision. As a result I began being definite and laying things on the line with them, that we come to either a yes or no. If yes, let's proceed, and if no, then let's go our separate ways.

Most of the time I have been able to convert uncertainty to a yes as I found women tend to respect a man who is not afraid to take the bull by the horns, so to speak.


I say, "Let's go out for dinner on Friday." She says, "I am not sure. I am busy with my dog." Our typical response is, "Well, let me call you next week and maybe then we can make plans."

If you sense she is giving you the run-around now say, "You either want to see me or not. If yes then let's make definite plans for next week/2 weeks, whatever. (Set the date, time and place even a month in advance if you have to.) If not then let's go our separate ways right now and I will not bother you again."

She either accepts and you win or says no and you save time, since you would have never won anyway. You save time, effort, energy, and hope.

Basically, in my mind, this puts the fear of God in them, that you are willing to walk away without question. You place a higher value on yourself this way by indicating that you will not put up with ambiguity from her. It also makes you look more attractive since you do not come off as uncertain.

I noticed that women tend to like a man who will not put up with their nonsense. It is a take-charge attitude where they see you as a man, not a fumbling flake.

You are not allowing her to squirm away by giving her an easy way out without her having to actually say no to you in your face, which is pretty uncomfortable for people to do in general. They would rather give an ambiguous answer and hopefully ignore you until you go away.

But we, as the hopeful creatures we are, many times do not get the message and continue pursuing in vain. This only frustrates them and us and diminishes our value.

With this technique you know where you stand right away. There is no second-guessing whatsoever since it is so blunt and to the point. For example, use it in the initial pick up when she hesitates to give you her number: "You either want me to call you or you do not. If yes then let me have your number. If not then I'll walk away right now." Use it at any other time when you feel that she is giving you the bogus run-around.

In summary, be to the point, blunt and definite about what you want, and always indicate that if she has no reciprocating interest you are willing to walk away, and that you will not accept indecision.

In essence, yes or no?

Good Luck!