An Easy Way to Increase the Probability of Her Accepting Your Date Proposal

by Hector Soliz

The following technique is quite handy when it comes to asking for the crucial first date, especially if you're unsure how the girl will react. This little gem was taught to me by, all of people, a Catholic priest! If you've read this before, ignore. If not, read on, Brothers, and have faith!

When asking a girl out for the first time, you can diminish your chances of being blown out of the saddle if you offer her more than one choice for your dating activity. This creates a sort of "mental dissonance" that makes it harder for them to say "No."

Example: "Would you like to go with me this Saturday to see (name of movie), or would you prefer going to the Starving Artists' display downtown?"

I believe you get my drift. No more examples needed.

Word of caution: If she says "No" to several choices, she definitely does not want to go out with you. Accept it and move on.

Women truly are like buses -- if you miss one, there'll be another one along in 30 minutes.

Good Luck!

Hector Soliz