Why You Shouldn't Worship Your Girl, Even If You Think She's the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

by Allen Thompson

Women have very little respect for men they can manipulate like a puppet or lead around by their noses... which, incidentally is quite a lot of men.

You must make a conscious effort to not give off this impression — even though she's the woman of your dreams and you'd do anything just to be near her.

You never want to give away your power in a relationship. And your power comes from your independence... or the impression of independence you present.

And there's a very good chance she will "test" you on this quality many times. Women do not fall for guys who put them up on some kind of pedestal and worship them as a goddess. That's way too much pressure for her to deal with on an ongoing basis.

Remember, she's looking for a man who is at least the equal to her... and preferably someone she can look up to and respect. So concentrate on not giving off any kind of submissive "vibes" and you'll be way ahead of most guys out there. And way way closer to getting the woman that you really want to really want you back.

Allen Thompson
Copyright © 1999