Are You Too Handsy?

by Anonymous

This is almost foolproof and the dividends are well worth the wait...

In college, I was a fairly decent looking guy who never had much trouble getting dates, but getting a second date was often difficult.

I discovered in a round about way that perhaps I rushed things a bit to much on most dates, and that I was gaining a reputation for being too "handsy."

One day I asked out a beautiful girl who I never really thought I would have a chance with. To my surprise, she agreed. I was so afraid I would "blow" another date that I decided to be on my best behavior. We had a nice "get-to-know you" evening with a movie and a couple drinks at a club afterwards.

When I took her home, I told her I had had a wonderful time. At this point, I think she was ready for the goodnight kiss, but instead, I reached out my hand and shook hers politely. I asked if it would be ok to call her again.

She was so stunned that she hadn't been forced into the awkward position of keeping me out of her apartment, she said that would be nice. I thanked her again and left after she had opened her apartment door and was inside.

Is that common sense, or just being polite? Who knows. But for someone who considered himself a real ladies man, I could not believe how well this turned out. The next date was everything I could have dreamed of.

As I continued to date other women in college, this "all too obvious" plan never failed me.

If you're hoping to get to second base on a first date, remind yourself that you could knock it out of the park on the second date just by waiting and being a gentleman.

And the word gets around the coed population. Your opportunities really start to improve with a decent reputation.