Why Women Are Attracted to Leaders

by RS

Pretend you are in a tribe.

Women will want the man she thinks is the leader of the tribe.

So what are the qualities of the Alpha male?

The strongest man -- only if in a situation of physical conflict.
The smartest man -- only if in a situation of environmental trouble.
The kindest man -- only if in a situation of tranquility.

In all situations he is the provider -- the best provider. And the best provider will have the warmest home and the kids most likely to eat that winter. Instinctively (not intellectually), women want men only to provide a secure home so they can rear children successfully. It is nature's formula.

I've always led by being the provider. The man who hunts best gets the choice of meat -- if he is not given the meat, he will hunt alone next time, and then the weaker (physically stronger) men will come home to their wives empty handed.

So be a provider. Men will follow and support you. Women will want you.

So in danger -- be a panther. In calm, be romantic. In fun, revel in the human spirit -- if you need help with that one (and most do) I urge you to explore it with vigor.

LISTEN to her! Not because you care what she thinks -- but how she feels.

Why all this "feelings" bs? Because you have to know how she feels so you know what to provide. If her feelings don't seem genuine (and most young women don't know how they feel) -- tell her you think they are bs. She will realize you are right and thank you.

If you are wrong, she will better explain herself. Either way it seems like you care about her feelings, which means you care about her needs, which means you are half-way to being her provider.

Pass them a napkin, shoo off some moron hitting on them. Grab a waitress/attendant for them.

It doesn't matter what -- pass them a can of beans from the shelf and say -- these are great, I bet you'd like them. If they say they hate beans, then ask what they like. Bingo, you have come closer to being their provider than any man they've met that day.

If a woman senses dishonesty, insincerity, than you are instantly one whom she doesn't know -- an outsider. And back in the day, the only outsider was one who was banished from the tribe for being a complete low-life.

No women in her right mind will align with an exiled. She will recoil in fear. Never be dishonest.

Buy them a drink? If you have the means. Never provide more than you can afford. This looks like a man who is out of food and is giving his last morsel away as a trick.

It has to seem easy, and never-ending. If you make a big deal out of ANYTHING you provide, they will realize that it took effort, and that means it is limited. Brag about something you did for her, and poof! there goes the credit -- I still screw this one up.

Remember, all material things are symbols of security -- home, comfort, physical safety. Women don't give a rat's ass about physical stuff.

They don't love bath soap -- they love comfortable bathing.

A few upper echelon women will turn you down realistically based on your resources -- physical and emotional. It's going to happen, because there are guys that have more to offer than you do -- and there are some women who are together enough to get it -- she is out of your league, move on.

Realize, though that in our society this is rare. Very few women feel like Alpha female. If she is mean, than this is not Alpha-female -- just a bitch. Alpha female is simply waiting patiently for someone else, no hard feelings.

Alpha male is society's best servant -- not the biggest bully.

You don't live with a group of a hundred men and get away bullying tough-guy shit for long. The quarterback is leader not because he can kick the linebacker's ass, but because he delivers wins.

If this sounds like a huge pain in the ass -- you are right. Ask any leader. Why would you choose it? Well, if your testosterone is real high then it kind of chooses you.

Provide, provide, provide. And it's not much work, because all the other guys are trying to take, take, take.