Why You Should Approach Women You Are Attracted To

by DonJoey

Earlier this year, a workmate and I were talking about how we constantly bomb out in picking up women we like... simply because we get too scared to make the initial approach.

Then we talked about how much worse we feel for not doing so.

During one of our conversations my mate coined the phrase, "Man, I feel so much like shit that I hit the steering wheel when I'm driving just thinking how stupid I am."

And that's something that struck me. Not approaching a girl actually feels worse than getting rejected.

So I swore to myself that next time I was starting to scare myself into not speaking/approaching a girl I would remind myself not to "hit the steering wheel." I'd use it as my mantra to motivate myself to get rid of my fears and pressure myself into making an approach.

Just by saying that, I jog my memory to the feelings of angst of not picking up or at least trying. Not making an effort is the act of a true loser. And I don't want to be one.

Now whenever I start that churning in my stomach and LoserJoey starts trying to convince me to not do anything -- I just think to myself, "Don't hit the steering wheel on this one."

And I hear the words come out of my mouth... "Hi, my name's Joe. What's yours?"